Since 1987 I've devoted my life to teaching people marketable software skills here in NYC

Since 1995 I have been in the trenches, teaching and earning online

The #1 Rule to earning online the right way...

STOP SELLING! Start Engaging with Value!

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Robert Farrell  //  Founder - Opportunity University

Now let's get real. Yes I've been earning online for over 25 years... Do I have all the answers? Hell No! Have I made tons of mistakes? Hell Yes! This is why my experience and know how will keep you out of trouble and once again #WorkingSmartOnline. 

My honesty and integrity level... You will never ever hear me use the word, guru or mastermind, my secret sauce or only I know... save that for the misguided online snake oil salespeople. I'm a 100% straight shooter. BTW I'm also a VERY selfish person... If you are successful, then I'm successful. If you're making money then I'm making money and that's good business 101.

So let's focus, roll up our sleeves, crack our knuckles, have a beverage and learn to earn online the right way.

I'm here to help you EVERY STEP of the way

Remember... Nothing happens when YOU choose to do Nothing!

Stay Safe Stay Home Stay Positive

Carpe Diem - 2020

Robert Farrell

My Friend Keith Richards and I Back When We Were Young

Join Over 57,000 Happy Students
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Robert Farrell

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