Life Rule #1... Nothing Happens When You Choose To Do Nothing!

Let's get YOU earning again in the middle of this COVID shutdown.

I'm Robert Farrell, I've been in the online trenches since 1995, teaching software, selling and marketing goods and services. I'd like to offer you the opportunity to do the same...

Robert Farrell Founder Opportunity University

Come and Experience a Real World Opportunity To Learn and Earn Online...

Allow me to get right to the point. Due to the COVID-19 shutdown millions are out of work. Guess what? Your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers are still buying online right? So why not #WorkSmartOnline and give them the opportunity to buy from YOUR niche web stores? 

My Proven Online Earning Method

Why have just one online web store when you can have 10? The power of numbers is how you build an amazing income online. 10 Niche web stores is 100% working smart.

No Experience Required, Just The Motivation and The Willingness To Succeed

Everything You Need To Start Earning is Included

  1. Step-by-step video training in your admin backend.
  2. Professional design and layouts using premium Wordpress themes ands plugins.
  3. Hosting and subdomains or you can add your own domain name.
  4. 100% guidance with marketing and product choices.
  5. Benefit from the proven methods of 1000s on my successful online students.

Curate The Best Selling Products From
Successful Online Stores

No risk inventory... Do not waste time and money buying any product inventory, ride the coattails of the biggest online names.

Earn monthly commissions for online referrals.

Build Your Online Customer List with Low Hanging Fruit

Let me share with you how to work smart online. Build your customer list with monthly consumable products like coffee, tea, snacks, beverages, cleaning products, TP, hand sanitizer and comfort food etc.

No worries, once you establish trust with your customer base there will be plenty of time to sell them iPhones, computers and other big ticket items. Let's walk before we run

Did You Know That The Big Online Stores Will Tell You What Their Best Selling Products Are?

For selfish reasons... Any successful online store does NOT want you selling their crap. They want you to sell products that are in-demand and sell.  If you are successful then they are successful and you will be motivated to sell more of their products. Now here's the very best part, my back-end software system will curate the best selling products for you, so there is 100% NO GUESSING!

Take a Video Walk -Thru of Everything I Have To Offer You...

My #1 hashtag is #WorkingSmartOnline and that is my job. My mission is to teach you how to earn the right way. My system is based on 25 plus years of earning and teaching online. This is a time tested business model, it's 100% not a get rich quick scheme and I make 100% no promises of ANY INCOME. I provide rock solid training, software tools and opportunity to earn. The rest is up to you and how serious you are. You'll need to treat this like a real business and not just a hobby. 

Get Instant Access and Launch 10 Niche Web Stores Today!

It takes just minutes to launch your own niche web store and then about 30 plus minutes to customize each store with your brand, logo, colors and products. No worries, my back-end software will bring in top selling products based on keywords and price range. My stores do all the heavy lifting for you.

5 Simple Steps to...

Boost Your Niche Web Stores Conversion Rate

Truth In My Product Information

Did you know that only 4% of online marketers and web stores make any kind of real money. By real money I mean 80, 90, $100,000 a year or more. Here are a few reasons why they fail.

  1. Their expectations were too high. They really expected to earn $5000 or more in just a few weeks, not very probable.
  2. They simply gave up after a few weeks. You wouldn't open an ice cream store on main street and try it for a few weeks would you?
  3. They used the wrong marketing system. You don't grow and online business by selling. You need to offer engaging value on social media and my training will help you do just that.
  4. Instead of focusing on my time-tested proven marketing methods they chose to listen to their friends or Google other advice.
  5. They simply did not put in consistent time to curate products, engage customers and build a real business.

Robert Farrell  //  Founder - Opportunity University

Now let's get real. Yes I've been earning online for over 25 years... Do I have all the answers? Hell No! Have I made tons of mistakes? Hell Yes! This is why my experience and know how will keep you out of trouble and once again #WorkingSmartOnline. 

My honesty and integrity level... You will never ever hear me use the word, guru or mastermind, my secret sauce or only I know... save that for the misguided online snake oil salespeople. I'm a 100% straight shooter. BTW I'm also a VERY selfish person... If you are successful, then I'm successful. If you're making money then I'm making money and that's good business 101.

So let's focus, roll up our sleeves, crack our knuckles, have a beverage and learn to earn online the right way.

I'm here to help you EVERY STEP of the way

Remember... Nothing happens when YOU choose to do Nothing!

Stay Safe Stay Home Stay Positive

Carpe Diem - 2020

Robert Farrell

My Friend Keith Richards and I Back When We Were Young

Join Over 57,000 Happy Students and Clients Since 1995

The Best Time to Start Getting Online Results  is Now!

Take advantage of the over the top huge online buying frenzy due to COVID-19 pandemic shutdown. Build your online customers now and get ready for online earnings when the CoronaVirus shutdown is long over with.

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You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If for any reason you are NOT HAPPY with your earning results after 90 days of signing up, I'll be more than happy to offer you a full refund. This is on the condition that you have watched all my back-end videos, built and marketed your 10 niche web stores and allowed yourself and I the opportunity to help you learn and earn.

Robert Farrell

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